My Thoughts on Kovalchuk (Who I dreamed would end up in Calgary but oh well)

Well, this will be my first blog post on my first blog!! I wonder what kind of people will be reading this.

Oh I know, people that love hockey and love eating??? Somehow I’ve been playing less hockey as of late and more eating so I’ve gained a few pounds. But who cares about me, lets talk hockey!

Kovalchuk to New Jersey!

The super star winger that I’ve always liked (but have yet to purchase his jersey) lands in the defensive orientated team of New Jersey. Great move by Lou.

Incase you didn’t know, here is the trade from tsn

“Acquired forward Ilya Kovalchuk and defenseman Anssi Salmela from the Atlanta Thrashers for defenseman Johnny Oduya, forwards Niclas Bergfors and Patrice Cormier and a first-round draft pick in the 2010 draft.” – Thurs Feb. 4

We all know Kovalchuk can produce by himself given the lean years he has had in Atlanta, so even if his center is no Danius Zubrius, it shouldn’t matter too much. But it does give the Devils two possible 50 goal scorers which is pretty scary. They gave up Bergfors, whom depending how you look at it is good for 2nd line winger duty (possibly more but we don’t know yet), Cormier who comes with a lot of baggage after that hit he put on Mikael Tam but projects to be likely a 3rd line energy guy and the first round draft pick in 2010 which should turn out a prospect of sorts given the Thrashers decent drafting ability in the last few years. Then of course Johnny Oduya, a highly underrated dman that plays its safe, has some offensive ability but few people know him. He eats tons of minutes and can play against top lines.

If you thought Rolston was dangerous on the PP, think what will happen with Kovalchuk back there now. He has a rocket of a slapper that is scary accurate and if he gets PP time with Parise will possibly end up like a Kovalchuk/Hossa duo, which in its day in Atlanta, scored alot.

Poor Thrashers though, as they lose yet another big name as they can’t seem to catch a break with any of their UFA signings or goaltenders for that matter. How long until Waddell is gone I wonder.


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