Sometimes the Yellow Drink Really Is Better!

Nectar of the Gods

You know, its amazing how so many people have not heard of Schweppes Cream Soda, and frankly I pity them. In North America we usually see cream soda come in pink and purplish colors and well generally they taste like carbonated cough syrup. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve introduced friends and coworkers to Schweppes Cream Soda and it won’t be the last. This is the GOOD Cream Soda, its got a smooth taste that doesn’t leave behind a nasty after taste and provides a crisp sweetness that originally was marketed as an “ice cream” flavour.  If you have not tried this drink yet, you should head to you nearest T&T (in Calgary and Vancouver) or Asia-based grocery store and try a can or two. It comes in an easily recognizable green can and you’ll see the Schweppes yellow banner on the top. Please don’t think that this tastes like what you think Cream Soda is. This is what Cream Soda SHOULD taste like. It can be drank as a standalone or it easily mixes in with other things like alcohol. Regardless of whether or not you like soft drinks, you should at least give it a try. This soft drink is a Hong Kong based cola brand so you’re not likely to find it at your local grocery store unless they carry imports.

In anycase, try it and let me know. It really is worth the 83 cents you’d spend on an otherwise caffeine filled pepsi or cola that stains your teeth after awhile.

Remember…its sshhhhhhh Schweppes….

Too good for words 😀


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