Not Shockingly…Canada Routs Norway…

While it may seem very lopsided, Norwegian fans have something good to take out of this 8-0 loss to the heavily favored Canadians. The fact that Grotens (sp?) played a tremendous game and turned aside a landslide of chances that otherwise would have made the score even more lopsided, is really something to be impressed about if I was from Norway. The fact that Norway kept Canada scoreless in the 1st is also a testament to their determination and the fact that they kept fighting the entire time, well I have nothing but respect for them a this point.

Some other notables, Drew Doughty played a very solid game and it is easy for Kings fans to feel very good about this guy, he seems to have the makings of a star player if this is only the tip of the iceberg. Jarome Iginla, our hometown hero broke out in a big way, as many pundits seem to think he is over the hill and done for. His hat trick says otherwise and despite playing with Crosby and Nash, you have to remember that hockey is a team game and that threesome was absolutely dominant the entire game. Now if only Iginla played that way in the NHL, it would make a lot of Flames fans more happy I would say.

Well worth skipping my night class…I think.


One Response to “Not Shockingly…Canada Routs Norway…”

  1. I must say, it was a pure joy to witness the magic between Iginla, Crosby, and Nash. And I think that if Iginla had that opportunity to play with players at that caliber all the time, he would produce the same results. He is an amazing player, that doesn’t get the opportunity to shine as much as he could during regular season.

    Love the blog! Excited to read more!


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