I Love Ethnic Groups

Especially when they hand make food specialties from their own ethnic heritages. Such like today in the Business Instincts Group staff lunch. We had special treat today as EthniCity Catering (http://www.ethnicitycatering.ca/) provided a great lunch for us. We got to sample from 3 great main dishes that were…

A delicious vegetarian dish – rice, lentils and onions flavored with Middle Eastern spices, garnished with fried onions.”

Kafta Casserole
Balls of extra lean ground beef, parsley and onions, topped with potato slices and cooked in your choice of tomato or tahini sauce.”

Finely chopped parsley, tomatoes and green onions, mixed together with steamed cracked wheat and a lemon olive oil dressing”

The Mojadra was quite interesting, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Lentils, but they weren’t overbearing and the rice was very fragrant and were not too mushy and had a good taste to them. Good texture on this entire dish and a plus was that it made the vegetarians in the office quite happy. Not a bad way to start off really.

The meat balls in the Kafta were a tad on the rough side and possibly slightly overcooked. As most people know, I have an obsession with beef so keep in mind I am fairly critical when it comes down to tasting bovine products. Had a good taste to it however and the texture was quite good for a meatball as too many times other places make their meatballs too smooth and it loses the feeling being meaty. I quite liked the sauce that it came with and felt it was not too strong and allowed the meatball to retain its flavour. Overall, I had more than my fair share of them though, as they did taste quite good.

I like parsley, I know that its not for everyone but this dish was quite good. The parsley was chilled and mixed in with the other veggies and the lemon olive oil added a nice touch to the salad. The produce felt quite fresh and crisp and left me with a refreshing feeling. I was surprised that there was little to no parsley after taste which is always a plus of course and it contrasted quite well with the slightly sweeter taste from the meatballs.

Overall EthniCity was an enjoyable catering experience and I would definitely favor ordering from them again.  A bonus to that is the catering group is a non-profit organization designed to help local immigrant women. Its a great trade off I say for shelling out the cash for more than just sandwiches and fries. I think an additional benefit would have been imported drinks from other nations to go along with the food would have been quite nice as well.

As Peter Maher, the voice of the Flames would say “Put another one in the win column!”


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