Brodeur or Luongo???

At this point I would like to have Luongo go in net after seeing what happened in the Can vs USA game. Its not because I doubt that Brodeur is a great goalie and one of the best (if not the best) of all time, but that simple fact is that due to Brodeur’s costly and untimely plays, Canada gave up 2-3 easy goals to the Americans. That simply cannot happen when Miller is stoning shooter after shooter from Canada and Brodeur decides to wander and make mistakes. In a normal 82 game season I’d be fine with it and give him a few games to play without the trapezoid, but these are 1 game eliminations coming up and I don’t want to risk a slumping goalie who likes to play the puck when the last time he did play the puck was 3+ years ago (since the lockout). Granted Luongo shut out only Norway, but at this point I’m willingy to grasp the straws because if Brodeur isn’t game on against the Russian, we’re done for, greatest goalie or not.

We need a hot goalie in net for Germany, let Luongo go and see what happens.

According to the boxscore, Brodeur had a 81.82% save rating. Even against the Swiss it was only 91.30%. Those are like numbers you’d expect from a struggling goalie, not a hot one.

EDIT FEB. 22: TSN confirms that Luongo will be in net.


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