Gold for Canada! Can’t bash the team anymore!

Well, almost everyone in Canada knows all this so I’m not going to waste time talking about the wondrous fact that we

a) Hold the olympic gold medal record count for a host country.

b) Won the highly anticipated Gold.

c) Did the best we’ve ever done at any winter olympics (and debatable that our best Olympics period).

Anyhow, it seems that now we can all put to rest  the questions of “what if…” or “why didn’t we bring…” or “why is this guy on the team”. The simple fact is that the team won gold, so no personnel decision or quirky choice made during the tournament is even remotely relevant anymore. Even if we look back and consider the possibilities of bringing someone in other than Bergeron or what we could have done with Mike Green, these questions will never be validated because we won gold on this day with this team. As the country breathed a sigh of relief as Crosby scored, nobody will ever remember that this was his first point in the last 3 games, nor will they ever ask what he had been doing in the previous games. Nobody will doubt Iginla as the top goal scorer even though all his goals came against non-medal teams. People will look back at the stats and note that Iggy had 5 goals during the course of the tournament for a total of 7 points and that WE WON THE GOLD.

Lets just soak up the moment and just forget about almost losing to Slovakia, the Swiss, and the Americans cause well, nothing else matters at this point does it?


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