NHL Trade Deadline Today!

If you are at work and can’t tune in with radio, maybe you can tune in on the live TSN web stream if you’re lucky. For hockey fans, the trade deadline is like watching the a movie. Theres tons of anticipation and talking with your coworkers of the trades and of course, people looking at their fantasy teams and seeing what the impact will be with a trade here and a trade there. I’m tuned in to TSN right now while i plug away at my work drafts, keeping the sound to a manageable level and on a second monitor. My thoughts? I don’t know if this trade deadline will be quite as interesting as previous ones before. The big names like Kovalchuk and Dion were moved already so whos left? Kaberle? Ray Whitney?

Ponivarsky(sp) and Ward have been traded already, hopefully this start the avalanche of trades that make this day so interesting to listen to. I’ll try and keep up and write some more about the trades we get today so stay tuned!


PHX trades 4th round for Bruins Derek Morris

– Boston has the depth, surprised how far Morris has fallen though. Maybe he can pick it up in PHX again?

Devils trade 5th round pick to TOR for Martin skoula

– Purely depth/injury move for them now that Oduya is gone.

Bruins trade Craig Weller, Byron Bitz and 2nd round pick to FLA for Dennis Seidenberg and Matt Bartkowski.

– I don’t know enough about these guys off hand. Sedienberg can play a 3/4 role. No iea who Bartkowski is. Boston has the extra picks from the Kessel trade so it works.

Ducks trade Justin Pogge and 4th roundpick to CAR for Aaron Ward.

– Depth for the playoff run? Ward works hard and can fill in 3/4 but is primarily a 5/6. But they gave virtually nothing, as Pogge seems to never be able to get to the NHL.

I think from here on out, I’ll look at the bigger or more interesting players. too many AHLer player swaps right now.

Colorado trades Wojtek Wolski to PHX for Mueller and Porter.

– Weird trade, the Avs send their legit 1st/2nd line LW in Wolski for a struggling Mueller? Avs already have Duchene and a few depth centermen so I’m not sure whats with this move except maybe moving Mueller to the wing, but he isn’t even a LW. He is a RW. Porter could turn into a good 2 way player but this seriously hurts the Av’s chances at the playoffs unless Mueller suddenly comes alive again. He has 4 goals in 53 games this season. PHX gets a very young and talented forward, while sometimes inconsistent, has the skillset and size to do a lot of damage.

Calgary Flames:

Wow what are we doing? We shipped Boyd and Aaron Johnson and a 3rd round and MacE for Toskala, a 4th round pick and Steve Stiaos. Sounds like we just got bent over. This doesn’t address any of our needs except maybe a possible improved backup position. But Boyd was a young player and the 3rd rounder is not something we can spare given our lack of picks this draft already.


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