The WilderNest Dream Cafe

WilderNest Dream Cafe

1309-9th Ave SE Inglewood

So this morning as I went to get some things from the Marshal’s Drug store, an attack of the munchies came down on me and I realized I needed breakfast. The closest thing was a place called the WilderNest Dream Cafe and they were open so I decided to give them a try.

Upon entry, the place was nice and cozy, the cafe was actually converted from a house originally but with much of the interior done in wood, with soft brown and beige coloring throughout. There wasn’t much lighting in the cafe aside from the natural light coming in through the windows for the most part. Overall a cozy little atmosphere that gave off a nice local cafe type feel to it. There were benches and chairs of wood as well which matched the setting. I was also told that the garage of the house had been converted to a board room for 8-10 people and included a fireplace. I did not get a chance to check it out but it sounded interesting (at the time there apparently was already a group of people in it already).

Onto what I had for breakfast. I ordered an omelette with the toppings of asparagus, mushroom and sun dried tomatoes. The portion was slightly disappointing as it looked quite small for three eggs and it looked slightly underwhelming in my takeout bowl. The taste was good, a nice collection of spices that weren’t over bearing and mixed quite well with the eggs. There was a generous portion of chopped asparagus, tomatoes and mushrooms in there and tasted great. My only issue was (and i kind of expected it since the menu did not mention it) but the lack of cheese in the omelette! You can’t have an omelette without cheese! (Well for me at least) and while the menu did not say anything about cheese, I was secretly hoping I was going to be wrong and would find cheese in my eggs. Sadly I was not.

Still overall experience wasn’t bad for a random local cafe. The waitress (whom I assumed was one of the owners Deana or Kathleen) was quite friendly and I had a pleasant conversation with her about the cafe for a few minutes. I want to try their lamb and duck sandwhiches and they claim to make all their soups from scratch so I would definitely go back again. Not extraordinary, but not bad at the same time. I’d like to see what they offered for quality in terms of lunch though for sure, perhaps a bit on the pricey side for pricing but not overpriced.


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