CocoBrooks – Frozen Pizza in all its Glory!

I have been a patron of Coco Brooks for years and to this day it still astounds me each time I go. For those of you unfamiliar, Coco Brooks is a fast food pizza place that operates during the weekdays and saturday 8-8pm(sometimes 9). They have a NE and a SE location in Calgary. What makes it amazing is that the pizza’s while pre-frozen, are more or less freshly baked in the oven as you order it. Wait times vary depending on how popular the pizza you order is but usually 5 mins to 10 mins for your pizza.

I simply cannot stress how good the pizza is, that one would think that it was actually freshly made. The cheese is bountiful and generous, the flavours (which there are many ranging from meat mix’s to fully vegetarian ones) are immense. The pizza it self taste amazing, the crust is crunchy yet soft, and the toppings go well with whatever craving you have on that day. They come in 4 slice personal pan pizza sizes for anywhere from $5-7 per pizza which is quite nice since a normal slice at your local pizza shop cost about the same and is likely nowhere near as good. I had the hot wings pizza today. It was good, spicy and the chicken tasted good (despite being frozen) and was not dry and there was lots of sauce and cheese to accompany the chicken.

Don’t be fooled though, Coco Brooks serves more than just frozen pizzas. They include a whole range of cheese topped pastas, fruit pizzas and a selection of salad’s in taco shells or bread bowls and deserts cakes as well. Service is fast and they do catering as well  (lots of companies use Coco Brooks for catering).

I also got a 2 for 1 deal today on Milk (usually when within a week of their expiry dates I find) so I paid $8 including taxes for the best frozen fast food pizza and a 1litre of chocolate milk (2x500ml). Or you could goto Mcdonalds and get a Big Mac combo if you want. But skip the subway or Mcdonalds for one day and find the closest location near you and test out Coco Brooks pizza. Its well worth a try. To me its a local success similar to that of Peters Drive In. Its just a place everyone needs to try at least one.

(PS: Their pizza boxes typically have some good reading material on them as well, though I do caution that is does have a semi-religious tone to it. but the stories are nice reads while you eat)


4 Responses to “CocoBrooks – Frozen Pizza in all its Glory!”

  1. Just wanted to clarify. I know for a fact that the pizza served hot in the restaraunt is not baked from frozen, but freshly prepared. They also offer frozen pizza to take home or you can ask for freshly made and take it home and bake it (they call it Take n Bake)

    My new favorite is Steak and Mushroom Calzone (MMMMM!!!!!)


    • I haven’t had the experience of eating Coco Brooks in the restaurant (usually takeouts for me). But that would be good to know. I arrived at the conclusion that it was all frozen when I asked the cashier if I could have extra cheese on my pizza and she told me she couldn’t do that because the pizza was already pre-made and frozen. The calzones do look good, and I will definitely try it in the future. Unfortunately Coco Brooks is too far from my home to use it as an actual dinner meal as it would not do very well sitting in my car the entire day while I was at the office.

  2. Im an employee at Coco Brooks and i would like to thank you guys for the comments! We make our pizzas fresh each day though, we are just to busy to make every one as there ordered (especially over lunch) so we make them before to speed up service and lessen your wait timem
    – Corey

    • Thanks Corey!

      Its you guys I thank, I enjoy your pizza’s a lot and you guys always have quick service and friendly staff. I usually bring back a carrot cake or banana bread pizza back for my office as well and people love it. Thanks for your efforts and the rest of the Coco Brooks staff.

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