A Friendly Smile Goes a Long Ways – M&M Meat Shop

Its amazing how a simple task such as smiling and being upbeat with people that walk into your area can have such a great affect on others. Just today, as I was pondering about what to do for my lunch after repairing my glasses, I went into three places. Safeway, Co-op and M&M Meatshops (17th Avenue in Forest Lawn), in search of something nice and quick and that I could eat back at the office.

I knew the contents of all three places and what they held for me as far as possible lunch stuff goes but here is the kicker, I wasn’t really in the mood for this kind of lunch, I had actually wanted to go to Spolumbos  for a sub in fact. So my time spent in Safeway and Co-op at the deli and hot case sections were fairly short and I only had a few things in mind that could make me change my mind.

Wings – Safeway didn’t have any really except for honey garlic that looked like they had been there for too long (being a former employee of Safeway, I can tell how long the wings have been there for). Co-op wins were 0.99 cents a piece, a little expensive for my taste given the quality of the wings that had bread crumbs shaped liked plates stuck on the edges of each wing. Each time, I had already looked for several minutes before a bored looking associate decided to approach me and ask me if I needed help. Well better than no help at all I guess.

So when I hit M&M last to see if they had any good wings there for me to take back to the office, I wasn’t expecting much really at that time and was resigned to the fate of going back to Inglewood for a sub. True to those words I didn’t get any wings either (too much hassle to nuke them myself at work). But the kicker here is that the lady at the cash (there were two of them, one was helping another customer) deigned to give me a bright smile and spoke to me like she had seen me here every day for the past 3 years. It was that greeting and the engagement that I decided to take a second look at what I could get. I found frozen bowls of Fettuccine Alfredo and Cheese Tortellini. While I wasn’t exactly craving them to begin with, I felt I just didn’t want to go any farther in search of a lunch and decided to pick up those frozen bowls of pasta right there.

Having worked 5 years myself in customer service related positions, I can detect BS right away and I know some of the generic lines people use to greet customers. While it could very well be a ploy or company policy, I didn’t mind at all. She was cheerful and she had a nice smile and she was friendly. M&M meatshops should thank her, she probably helps everyone the same way and I think its great.

And you know what? The frozen pasta wasn’t bad either.


One Response to “A Friendly Smile Goes a Long Ways – M&M Meat Shop”

  1. Chairman, you are the man! This has got to be the world’s first and only blog-post on M&M meats.

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