Calgary Flames – The Last Stand

3 games left in the season is all the Flames have left. One game tonight against the Sharks whom are attempting to lock up the division title against the Hawks as well. If the Flames lose and the Avs win one more game, then the Flames are done. The Avs have 91 points and 4 games left, the flames with 89 points and 3 games. In a tiebreaker, the Avs would win due to having beaten the Flames in the season series as well as having more wins.

So what do I think? I think the Flames are likely done (I’ve actually been resigned to the fact since the Islanders loss actually). They play against the Sharks, whom they have had some success against but the Sharks are also quite capable of blowing out the Flames (they seem to do it at least once per season) and then there is the game against the Wild and the Canucks. Well, Flames rarely win against the Nucks and the previous outing was no different when they lost 1-3. The Canucks are simply a better team with better consistency and speed and skill. Playing against the Wild is iffy, the flames haven’t done very well against them this season either.

So what do I think? I think Iginla’s 69 points is not very good for a 7+million contract and being the team captain. He is pointless in 5 of the last 6 games and he has 1 goal in the last 13. It was only two seasons ago that he potted 50 goals so this is a major disappointment. Is Iggy on the downswing? Most people think so and I tend to agree as well. But howmuch of a downswing? If he can maintain a 70 point status for the next several years thats ok, it just means we’ll have to bring in another “franchise” player as clearly Iggy is playing like a support guy these days. His days of charging through defenders and wristing shots over goalies seems to be gone from his repertoire.

On the off chance they can muster the ability to win 3 games and have the luck to see the Avs lose, then Iggy will be back with a clean slate for the playoffs and he’ll be forgiven for the his low season likely. but thats IF we get into the playoffs.

Frankly I wouldn’t bet on the Flames even though Mueller has been sidelined for the Avs for the rest of the regular season. Still it should be interesting to see if the Flames will actually show the effort to get into the playoffs now.


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