Go Red Wings!

So as most people close to me know, I’m a Red Wings fan first and Calgary second. Why you ask? The Red Wings, for the last two decades or so have produced some of the most technically gifted hockey players the world has ever seen. From the evolution of Yzerman and Lidstrom to the current Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

To me, the Red Wings understand and represent the very best parts of hockey today. Scoring power (when Franzen came back), two way ability, technical skill and the ability to play a solid team game. I’m not a huge fan about hitting and fighting so the Red Wings (or euro hockey) jive with me in the best way.

Add Jimmy Howard, who has blasted off my socks this year and overtaken Osgood (who has been declining since the Wings won the cup last) and I’m just estatic. The Red Wings seemed to have finally found a goaltender (not named Hasek) that can play an entire regular season well (and not just save everything for the playoffs). I hope Howard will be the answer in the playoffs because the depth of the Wings is nowhere near the same as past years (though rumour has it that Hudler could return next year) and the defensive game is now an even greater part of the Wing’s system.

Despite nothaving a mega star like Ovechkin or Crosby or Malkin, the Wings play hockey as it should be with a team and I believe they will prevail while this core of players is still together (Datsyuk, Z, Lidstrom, Franzen, Homer). Lidstrom retiring will be a big issue, so hopefully someone else will be able to step up and replace him soon. Not that you can just “replace” Lidstrom, but at least soften the damage.

Lets go Wings!


2 Responses to “Go Red Wings!”

  1. How do other hockey fans (your fellow hockey players) respond when you say Wings first Calgary second?

  2. Most of my hockey friends, that have known me through the years know that I love watching European hockey and sports. So for the most part they know why I like to cheer on the Red Wings. As for the rest of them…more than a few people gave me a few looks as I walked around the mall sporting my Red Wings jersey the other day. Nobody would say anything of course since Flames are already out of the playoffs and I’m not crazy enough to wear it when the Flames are playing the Wings.

    So to sum it up, other hockey players understand that I enjoy watching Europeans play and their technical expertise in sports like hockey is fairly unrivaled. For the most part, everyone usually has another team they cheer for other than the home team anyways. As long as its not the Oilers 🙂

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