Thoughts on Current Playoff Happenings

1. The Devils going to be upset by the Flyers in 5 games? Unbelievable. This is with hall of famer Martin Brodeur and two high end calibre snipers Kovalchuk and Parise. So whats going on? I blame Lemaire’s system as being nowhere near as effective as Brent’s system.

2. Jimmy Howard is doing spectacular! Shutout the Coyotes 3-0 the other night. Now despite being seeded lower, the wings were never really considered the underdogs going into the first round, and this is why. Zetterberg is turning up the heat on the Coyotes and you can’t shut down Datsyuk forever either.

3.  Sharks barely hanging on? Thats nothing new really. Where does all their offensive firepower go in the post-season anyways?

4. NFL slaps suspension on Roethlisberger (despite not being found guilty in sexual assault charges), why can’t the NHL take a more hardline approach like the NFL to keep its players in check and keep the NHL from being sullied by bad names and players like Avery and Cooke?

5. Nashville reminds me of the 03/04 Flames taking down the Wings. Can Nashville’s team defence and Rinne go that far?

6. Game 1 thought the Sens would have a chance against the Pens. Not likely now, down 3-1 in the series.

7. Ate peanuts today….stomach hurts.


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