Red Wing’s Top Players Crush the Coyotes

When it comes down to the clutch moments, most people know that your best players HAVE to be your best players (*cough* Iginla *cough*). In a desperate game 7 to keep their playoff run going, the Red Wings showed the Coyotes the amount of depth and experience they have on the team and helped Howard earn his first playoff series victory in his career.

Datsyuk had 2 goals including a nifty backhand fake to forehand on Bryzgalov, Lidstrom had 2 goals and an assist and Zetterberg had 3 assists as the Red Wings clamped down on the Phoenix Coyotoes. Have to give them credit, the Coyotes battled hard throughout the series and Bryzgalov played lights out and kept them in it. They had energy, they had determination and they were hungry for the win, but the experience factor of the Red Wings ultimately exposed the cracks of the young Coyotes team.  Datsyuk himself hasn’t been much of an impact through parts of the series especially early on when it seemed he was struggling a little, compared to Zetterberg who has been a force in all 7 games for the Wings, but he redeemed himself  with scoring the first two goals (including the gamewinner).

Compared to Calgary’s Iginla who was scoreless in the last 13 games of the season when it was needed the most, it is hard to believe that people at one point in time thought Datsyuk was a soft European player with no heart. The difference between Iginla and Datsyuk is only a mere year so how has Iginla degraded from an elite power forward to merely a 1st line winger, while Datsyuk is being nominated for another Selke? It can’t be the points because Datsyuk only has 1 more point than Iginla in retrospect.


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