Great Italian Pizza!! – Il Centro

I haven’t had the chance to talk  about food much due to the playoffs so its been somewhat overdue. Friday nite, after playing in the Cassie Campbell ballhockey tournament, me and several friends took a trip to Ill Centro, a really small mom and pop pizzeria near Chinook center.

(403) 258-2294

Macleod Tr
106, 6036 – 3rd St SW
Calgary, AB T2H

A word of caution though, the service from what I hear is far worse for non-regulars. Luckily, one of the friends who introduced us to the place knew the owner’s son and we managed to avoid the rumoured “bad service” reputation that they seem to have against non-regulars.

On to the food though, it was fantastic. We basically tried every single appetizer in the restaurant I think (Well not really, but you get the point). Garlic gloves and jalopeno’s, a nice side addition to add to the pizzas. The calamari came in this nice spicy tomato sauce and came in large rings (I later used the leftover sauce for the pizza cause it was THAT good), some scampi on a bed of rice that had huge amounts of butter and herbs (really tasty though my arteries groaned at this point). The salad for two that we ordered was good enough for 5 of us, was crispy and fresh. The vinaigrette was not too sour, but had nice depth to it and allowed me to enjoy the salad.

For pizza entrees we had the “Ricks” and something with prosciutto ham on it. The pizzas were really good as well, the crust was thin and light, toppings were nice and heavy, the tomatoes were thick cuts and were fresh and this was likely the first time I’ve actually enjoyed prosciutto ham…EVER. Pizzas ranged from $15-$30 depending which ones you get but the variety is huge and they are fairly generous with toppings as well.

For desert we tried the Tiramisu, also really good. Light and fluffy, with a deep taste to it that wasn’t overwhelmed by the alcohol.

Great place overall, worth the price that we spent on the place ($40 a person approx). Make reservations though, as the restaurant is mostly inhabitated by the local Italian population and you will not likely get a spot popping in without a reservation.


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