Celebrity Burger Cook-Off at the Main Dish!

Celebrity Cook Off at the Main Dish

Celebrity Cook Off at the Main Dish

It has not happened yet but this saturday is the 4th annual burger cook-off held by the Main Dish. I will be in attendance as for sure, I won’t be passing up the chance to not only meet Robyn Reghr, but taste some great cooking that day.

So a little bit about the Main Dish, for those familiar with working in the downtown core, the Main Dish operates similarly to Sunterra Markets. They specialized in offering a market style approach of ready to make or quick foods that are based around variety and healthiness. I’ve been there once sofar and have been pleasantly surprised. The prices are a little above average here, but it is definitely a case of paying for quality here. I once had an alfredo pasta with mushrooms and chicken and I was very happy with it. The cooks there make it right in front of you and were friendly and upbeat. I also had a chocolate explosion cheesecake while I was there that time. It was worth the money I paid for it for sure.

For a fast food place, The Main Dish sure puts out food appropriate for restaurants, better than most I would even say when it comes to speed, quality and service. Definitely a place to go to pick up a meal if you feel too lazy to cook at home, it is worth spending the extra bucks to avoid MacDonalds and Pizza Hut after all.


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