Generosity in Large Portions – An Unforgettable Experience

Today, while visiting an the Italian restaurant Boneterra Trattoria tonight me and my girlfriend had the opportunity to experience the generosity of…(drumroll)…other patrons of the restaurant.

I had a rib-eye special with a veal reduction with some giant wild mushrooms and fresh greens on the side. The rib eye was recommended to me to be ordered at medium rare. It had a great taste to it and was quite tender, though I must honestly say that I would have preferred it rare in any case. Overall the entree was good, but the portions were a tad small. The rib eye itself was supposed to be $42, so I did expect a bit more for a 12oz rib eye (which seemingly had 4-5 oz of fat on it).

My girlfriend had a salad with scallops, for about $12 (plus another $10 for the scallops). The scallops were definitely the best of the two dishes, they were large, tender and smooth. They were supposed to come with a horseradish crust but we asked for it to be removed since my girlfriend cannot handle spicy stuff. The salad was fresh and crisp and the scallops were great.

So on the most amazing part of the night. As I called for the waiter to bring me the bill we were informed that our bill had been settled already. Naturally I was thinking they made a mistake, but on further inquiry the waiter told me that the couple sitting two tables over had settled to bill for us. This couple had come in after us in the beginning when there weren’t many people in the room so I recognized them right away. I simply could not figure out why this couple would do something like this for us. I went over to introduce myself to the couple (names will not be disclosed for privacy) and thanked them immensely for what they did. I asked the gentleman why he would pay the bill of a random stranger and he told me that he and his wife did this occasionally and randomly and hoped that I would pass on the kindness in turn to other strangers. I was simply held aghast. I’ve had friends treat me to dinner, family as well. But a complete stranger? My first time, and I could not aptly express my gratitude to the couple for their generosity. I spoke to them for a few more moments, giving them my contact information in hopes that perhaps at a later date, I could return an act of kindness to them as well.

The experience of what happened after the meal was far more of an impact to me than anything I’ve ever had before. It was simply put…an unforgettable experience!


2 Responses to “Generosity in Large Portions – An Unforgettable Experience”

  1. Very cool ,great dinner, great company and a great gift; I am excited to read about how you pay it forward.

  2. Wow, that’s a great story and a truly inspiring experience.

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