Hawks goto the Stanley Cup Finals

So for the first time in 18 years, the Blackhawks will goto the Stanley Cup Finals to fight for the ultimate hockey prize.

It also means that the Sharks have fallen short of expectations…again. At least they did much better this time around, getting to the conference finals which they haven’t had much luck getting to in the past few years. Credit should be given to the Hawks as well, their team is literally stacked with firepower in all positions with youth and speed to spare. But seriously, where has Dany Heatley and Thornton been the entire playoffs?

Heatley with 2 goals and a -6, Thornton with 12 points (not bad) but with a -9? The entire top line was a combined -18 believe it or not, so you can definitely look at that top line for criticism.

Hawks on the other hand…wow, every player has been firing on all cylinders in the playoffs.

Toews with 25 points, Kane with 19 points and Dustin Byfuglien with 3 game winners! Both Keith and Seabrook played amazing as well in shutting down the Sharks top line.

Hawks deserve to be in the finals and their fans are being rewarded for their loyalty. The team is exciting to watch and is determined to win! I will be cheering for them the remainder of the playoffs as well. Toews will be the next Captain Canada 😀

Go Hawks!


2 Responses to “Hawks goto the Stanley Cup Finals”

  1. Its a great day in hockey. Blackhawks are a close second favourite of mine, and i’ll be happy to see a Canadian captain hoist the cup. I’m not really surprised the sharks came short, it seems to be the only thing they can keep consistent in the playoffs.

  2. Toews is a machine!

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