Flyers to Stanley Cup Finals!

Its been about 13 years since the Flyers last made it to the Finals, where in the former trip, they fell to the Detroit Red Wings in 4 games. The 7th seeded Flyers had to win their last game in a shootout just to make the playoffs where subsequently they downed the New Jersey Devils loaded with Brodeur and star sniper Kovalchuk. Then they mounted a comeback against the Bruins when down 0-3 in the series, making it the 3rd team to ever have that happen. They then ended the Cinderella story of the Montreal Canadiens whom had the Halak finally solved when both the Penguins and offensive juggernaught Capitals could not.

Now they face the Blackhawks, a young fast team loaded with firepower and depth that is very similiar to their own team style. Its looking like an exciting matchup as both Carter and Gagne are back in full force and may the best team win!


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