Another Dinner at Towa Sushi…Yummy

Towa sushi

Hours before going to watch Prince of Persia saturday night (meh movie, maybe worth a watch once). Me and several friends stopped off at Towa sushi for dinner. Of course it HAD to be the weekend and being that there was 7 of us…30-40 min wait time. It was worth it as usual. Theres not many other places we would typically wait that long for a random saturday dinner afterall.

Item 1: Towa Udon
So as custom dictates for me (given my appetite in Japanese restaurants) I order my filler which usually udon and/or ramen. Towa udon is $10 and has some imitation crab meat pieces in it, seaweed, some tofu skin. Overall its nothing too elaborate but it does its job quite well. Nicely cooked udon noodles (al dente for Italians out there) in a rich steamy and tasty broth. There is only the rare occasion where there is less than generous amounts of udon noodles (noodles are cheap anyways). So I was glad to see it was a good amount as I expect normally.

Item 2: Spicy Toro Scallion Roll
If you like chunks of toro you should order this instead of the negitoro roll. Why? Because the negitoro roll has more finely cut (or minced) portions of toro. The only difference here is that you get a little bit of spicy sauce on it as well. The toro was nice tonight and had a slightly sweet taste to it. The rice was at a good temperature and didn’t feel too starchy. The scallions are always a good addition and enhance the flavour of the toro along with the little spicy sauce that is added. I think the roll was like $15 or so for 8 large pieces of sushi roll with good portions of toro.

Item 3: Salmon Toro
For $3.75 I got 2 sushi pieces with Salmon Toro. Nice and pink, slightly on the warm side but fairly good. Salmon toro taste more like Salmon compared to Tuna and Toro. So it was harder to compare salmon toro to normal salmon sashimi. Still not bad, but nothing exciting. I might just go back to ordering Toro sushi next time as it seems Salmon toro texture isn’t too different from the normal sashimi.

Overall, a good dinner. Had fun with friends and the service was good despite it being a fairly busy night. I’d tell you I’d go again, but most people already know this because I goto Towa quite a bit thanks to their generous portions at fairly decent prices. If you like roll combinations, be sure to try out Towa.

Towa Sushi
2116 – 4 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1W7


3 Responses to “Another Dinner at Towa Sushi…Yummy”

  1. Thats ‘al’ dente for you non italians.

  2. Thats β€˜al’ dente for you non italians.

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