Carriage House Inn – Calgary Marketing Club

Carriage House Inn

So the other day, myself and my colleagues, Chett and Les attended the Calgary Marketing Club lunch seminar at the Carriage House Inn. In the restaurant section of it (Savoy Dining Section) we sat down to order lunch and listen to the Marketing Club presentation.

The Carriage House Inn was actually a lot nicer on the inside than I thought. Though a little dated on its outskirts, the inside of the inn was clean and bright and the staff were bright and cheery. The inside of the dining lounge, the light was much more dim, but still comfortable. Seating was nicely spaced out and the staff in the lounge were friendly and attentive.

So for starters, which was basically my highlight of the lunch were dinner buns/rolls that we had. The buns were amazingly soft and moist and really tasty. Not sure what they did with them but wow, best part of the lunch were the serving buns.

So for lunch I had the pasta of the week. It was some egg noodles (non chinese kind) mixed with garlic cream and ham and mushrooms. Overall nothing too spectacular, it came with two slices of toast with garlic butter on it. Good sized lunch portion and the sauce wasn’t bad. The ham was cut from a larger ham and thankfully not spam or canned ham. The mushrooms were plentiful. So for lunch it was good and nothing negative. Though preferably I would have liked to know beforehand whether what kind of noodles they were since I was under the impression they were going to be linguini or fettucini noodles but thats alright. I also had a soup to come with it, barley, lamb and potato. Again nothing too good or negative here. It was decent enough, had some good chunks of lamb in it, but felt a little like canned soup but otherwise no complaints here.

My coworker Les Mottosky, had a much more negative experience unfortunately. He had ordered a chicken wrap, but afterwards noted that it was perhaps the most bland wrap he ever had. So clearly he didn’t really enjoy it, though he remarked that though bland, the wrap was passable still.

Chett on the other hand ordered vegetarian quesada and her biggest comment (good or bad is up to you) is that “It was soo cheezy! There is like $6 worth of cheese in this thing.” See for me, that would be awesome to have so much cheese since I find lots of restaurants skimp on that part when ordering wraps or quesada type food. Apparently it was much too filling for her, but she enjoyed it nevertheless.

So overall? Well we were there for a business lunch seminar and we weren’t expecting a 10 course meal. The prices weren’t bad and reflected the food value quite well I thought. Service was good and the food isn’t horrible, but nothing to really write home about. Its a nice place to stop by for a quick bite if you need it. The Peanuts sports bar in the Carriage House Inn also boasts “World Famous Steak Sandwhich”, something I’ll have to try sometime.


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