Eat Eat! In Inglewood

Yes I certainly will in fact!
A nice little place in Inglewood, often overlooked but is great for casual eating or takeout. I’ve now visited the place twice. Once for breakfast in which I got an omelette. This omelette had a healthy amount of fresh toppings and came with a side of toasted bread. I was very pleased with it overall, it tasted great and the portion was fairly large, at least enough to sustain me through the morning and well into lunch (where I always get hungry again regardless).

So today I had a lasagna for takeout (after finishing off my earlier brought lunch). So for starters I got a tossed salad with nice vinaigrette and a large garlic bread slice. Its been a while since I’ve had a a plain no thrills garlic bread slice and I was not disappointed. It was exactly what I wanted, something that was just plain good to munch on. The lasagna was good. At $12, it was large take out box of melting cheese goodness over a certainly “robust” meat sauce. There was plenty of spinach in there too, which added to the flavour and texture of the lasagna. It looked messy, but tasted even better. A healthy amount of pasta noodles that were not overly cooked or under cooked and there was no watering down of the sauce here which was great.

Overall? I like the place, its nearby and has a variety of dine in type foods I can take out back to the office. Its nothing exotic mind you but the atmosphere is friendly, the waitresses are helpful and smiling (which is a huge thing on a raining day). I simply can’t think of anything better for lunch in Inglewood if you’re craving for good ole North American food.

So eat up!

(403) 532-1933
1325 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G

PS: They serve alcohol after 10pm, oddly enough.


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