Ryan Stone Signs with Calgary Flames, Nabokov signs with SKA St. Petersburg, Probert’s Funeral

Ryan Stone
Nothing too exciting this time around, Calgary Flames announced the signing of former Brandon Wheat King Ryan Stone. Stone who has played 8 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins and 27 games with the Edmonton Oilers was injured for most of last year. He is described as a energy/physical winger that can play the game well enough and can fill in an injury role easily. He is signed for one year at 500k, but there are rumours that he isn’t 100% yet. This I guess we’ll have to see as training camp comes around. Not a bad depth signing by the Flames, but not something groundbreaking.

Evgeni Nabokov
Nabby has reportedly signed a 4 year contract with SKA St. Petersburg for 6 million a year in the KHL. Kudos to Nabby, because there is no way he was making that money here in the NHL as the market is flush with goalie free agents. Still considered a top tier goalie, Nabokov was basically let go in order to make room for the Sharks to sign Patrick Marleau, I can’t really condemn the guy. He was basically the fall guy for the Sharks playoffs each year because despite the team failing around him, Nabby had strong performances in the last 3 years in my opinion. But this is hopefully a good move for him because he goes back to his home country and he gets big bucks. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bob Probert
RIP Probert, one of the greatest tough guys ever in the NHL, collapsed the other day and was pronounced dead in the hospital hours later. 935 games played with 3300 penalty minutes AND could play hockey (scored 62 points one season including 29 goals). Splitting his time between Detroit and Chicago, the legendary enforcer will be missed by the game. Check out his highlights on youtube. Probert was only 45 when he passed away.

Aside from that, a bunch of resigning in the NHL today, but otherwise the Oiler fans are extremely happy with prospect camp opening and seeing the trio of MPS, Eberle and Hall. Kinda wish we had some top flight prospects in the Flames system sometime.



2 Responses to “Ryan Stone Signs with Calgary Flames, Nabokov signs with SKA St. Petersburg, Probert’s Funeral”

  1. judyminardi Says:

    Ok seriously. An NHL update without a mention of the GM place name change? That’s major. Mostly because I’m a Canucks fan, but also because Rogers now has an even larger hold on Canadian sports!

  2. Well it was huge when we named GM place “Canada Hockey Place” though. Rogers Place…well sure, but I bet you most people in the NHL (outside of Canucks fans) didn’t know GM place changed their name and Rogers signed a 10 year sponsorship deal for it 🙂

    In retrospect, changing the name doesn’t really do much, unlike the signing of a player or the death of one of the greatest fighters of all time.

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