Stampede – Skewers

I’ve been mostly sick the last weekend so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy all the food at the Stampede and I do hope I get the chance to go again soon and find the so-called Japandog they have there.

However I did get the chance to try (or rather my girlfriend did) skewers Greek wraps. I saw two locations, one was near the Corral, just outside section 27-42 of the theatre and the other was down by the grandstands. One can’t really complain about service seeing as most the people that work at stampede were hired only a few weeks earlier so I won’t really need to mention that much.

The skewers on the other hand (I ordered a lamb donair) was quite good. The lamb was nice and juicy (as I saw while standing, waiting for it to be finished) and the portion was a fair size considering the $8 stampede extortion prices. Fresh produce: lettuce and tomatoes over a generous portion of meat and taziki sauce = a very tasty selection. Definitely something to try if you want to eat there and have a reasonably amount of calories at the same time.

Next on my list I need to get back and eat the following:

Turkey Leg
Steak Sandwich
Mini Donuts!!!!


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