Lunch at Maruju Sushi

Maruju Sushi on Centre

(403) 276-8008

Centre St N

919 Centre St. N
Calgary, AB T2E

“Quick and simple”

Those are the two words I would use to describe this nice place thats slightly hidden away on center street across from the car dealership. Often hidden because of the gigantic Starbucks sign out front, Maruju Sushi I found is quite a nice place for having a quick lunch.

The atmosphere of the place was simple, tables lined up in a small space with several bamboo rooms. Well lit and the the staff was friendly and attentive. It wasn’t very busy when we went though which is curious because the parking lot was filled up.

Me and my gf ordered their lunch specials.

Special A was 10 pieces of Sashimi, soup, salad and a bowl of rice.

Special B was 6 pieces of Sashimi and 6 pieces of Sushi with soup and salad.

On top of that we ordered Saba and Toro.

So the lunch specials, wow. For just $9.95, it was such a great deal. The fish was fresh and tasty and the portion was a fairly good size as well. My 12 piece combo for $10.95 was great as well. Again nothing flashy, but it was all simple and worked well and I was happy with what I got with such a minimal price.

The Toro itself was only just normal. For $2.65 I didn’t expect high grade toro and the texture was a little lacking, but still it was ok. The Saba that my gf had was really good (according to her) and she is a Saba-nut so I’m assuming it was pretty good.

The soup and salad were your standard fair miso and dressing salads. Great for the price though.

Overall, I am quite happy with the choice of lunch today and I would certainly go back to Maruju sushi for lunch especially. I noticed the menu had lots of cooked foods and the table over had ordered a Chirashi which looked really big so I will have to comeback and try this place again for sure in the future.


One Response to “Lunch at Maruju Sushi”

  1. Except if you go there when its busy, you have to wait a looong time for food!!!P

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