The Best Garnish: Friendship

Sometimes its not just about the spices, the sauces or the food quality itself. As a self-declared foodie, I find that sometimes people simply ignore one of the greatest benefits of eating with one another, and that is [b]Friendship[/b]. This is sometimes lost among the people that declare themselves as food critics and connoisseurs and in my opinion, it means you are a complete failure and have lost what the true value of having a meal does for you and everyone around you. Meals bring people together, friends and family and is despite perhaps nobody having a single thing in common otherwise, everybody alive can appreciate good food and the company that it brings.

That was my thought as I munched away last night on FOUR angus beef burger patties. The burgers themselves were good already and as I said before when asked “To give a numerical value to this burger, would simply diminish its value regardless what value I gave it”. All around me there was smiling, happiness and the joy of each other’s company. Lovers, family and friends, what I saw was not merely the daily event of nourishment of our physical self, but of the nourishment of the heart and mind. I cannot bear to eat great food where it is by myself, I want to share it, share the enjoyment with others.

This is the most important ingredient in cooking. Transferring your love and friendship into the food you are cooking, maybe it is just for a single small child, or for hundreds of adults, and everything will become a beautiful dish, a fine dining experience, a smörgåsbord of delight.

Here I point out that our esteemed cook from last night went about his business, looking to know how to make sure that each person was happy and satisfied with the meal. I say, and in that one sunday night, that you are a greater cook than anyone could ever imagine and I believe there is no just cause to say otherwise.

Thanks to the Mottosky’s for an unforgettable moment in my life.


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