CocoBrooks Hits Another Home Run


The most surprising thing just occurred here at Business Instincts today and that involved a unplanned drop in visit by CocoBrooks! As part of their customer appreciation day, they told me they were offering out pizza to nearby local businesses and it just so happened that they knew that we were here! So in exchange for a business card (which i offered up readily) we got to enjoy a free lunch (with desert) thanks to CocoBrooks. So not only did they offer to give out free lunch pizza’s, but they actually went out and LOOKED for people to give them to.

Now THIS is what I call a company that gives back to the customers. When was the last time you had a free lunch offered to your office without you knowing about it? Its not exactly easy to find the BIG office either.

Definitely a shout out to CocoBrooks here, you guys tops in my books for pizza and lunch and clearly a notch above the rest.


One Response to “CocoBrooks Hits Another Home Run”

  1. Thanks Terence!
    I really appreciate this blog.

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