Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

2303 4 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB(403) 455-3839


First thing I noticed, busy. This place is busy and somewhat of a throwback to the whole pizzeria idea that you would see in an old “Archie” comic book or something aimed at the earl 80s and 90s. They don’t take reservations unless you have 8 or more people and you order at the counter and start a “tab” and have the pizza brought to you.

A fantastic selection of pizzas, some anti pasta and a bunch of appetizers here, but as the title suggests this place is about the pizza (which they claim is oven baked for merely 90 seconds before being ready).

So my impressions on this place? Its good. We ordered 5 pizza’s for 6 people. The Vesuvio, the San Andreas (Mexican/Mediterranean, Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese), Smoked Salmon Dill and Cappriccisoa (Artichoke + Herbs). So upon receiving the pizza’s I noticed one thing off the bat, bare toppings. For the Vesuvio, which was a spicy italian salami pizza, each slice itself had one and  a half pieces of salami. This trend continued for all the pizza’s in fact. I was slightly surprised and disappointed. But the bottom line was this, the pizza crusts were really tasty, the toppings themselves were tasty and as a whole the pizza was quite tasty. My concern only lies in the “generosity” of portions which in my opinion was lacking a bit but I can’t deny that the taste variations and combinations were very good and mixed well, especially the Artichoke pizza.

Service was great, the waitress was very helpful and the atmosphere was fun and energize. The open kitchen was quite interesting as you see people working on pizzas.

So what do I think? Not bad, not the greatest though. Worth going again just to try all the other different selections.


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