Crispy Pizza

Crispy Crust Pizzeria

464 B woodbine boulevard sw
Calgary, AB

A nice pizza parlor owned by a young guy that has been around for just under a year. In the southwest side of town in the community of Woodbine, this hidden pizza parlor is a great place for people looking for take out and delivery pizza without the grease of Pizza Hut. Whats great about the place is that they offer free delivery within 5 mins or 20% off takeout which is a offer.

Their crust is their main selling point. The crust of the pizza is nice and crispy as advertised and the pizza is very generous with toppings and cheese. The pizza guy was friendly and flexible when asked if he could do a customized pizza and the pizza itself was delicious. While their menu of choices is not especially big, they do also offer other item choices to have other than pizza. The only issue I ever had with them of course is that they don’t sell wings…which I find quite odd. But otherwise this place is something to consider if you are in Woodbine on a fri/sat night with buddies play video games or hanging out.


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