Calgary Crossroads Farmers Market

Its amazing how this place is so close to my workplace yet I have never tried it out. But I did today as I was hankering for some meat content in it. After wandering around the market for about 10 minutes I came upon a vendor that sold soulvaki(SP) and LAMB DINNER PLATES!. Dinner plate may have been an exaggeration as it was more like a lunch plate to me but nevertheless I decided to give it a go.

So for $6  I got 3 roasted lamb ribs, a Mediterranean salad, Pysia and Kysia? The last two I forgot the names of but it was the salad that typically comes with kuse kuse. All this over a small helping of rice. So of course the first thing I noticed right away was the portion size. Sure $6 isn’t very much and I shouldn’t be expecting a 12 oz lamb right? So really as a lunch plate, it was a fine size. I dived straight away into the lamb ribs and wow was I surprised. Tender and juicy, the ribs were literally falling off the bone (after gentle prodding from my fork) and were absolutely delicious! Very very tasty but it still tasted like lamb but with a subdued game taste to it. Very very good and I could forgive them for the small size due to the tastiness of the lamb ribs. The salads were equally impressive, full of flavour mixed with olive oil, they served as nice side dishes that accompanied the lamb ribs. The rice was normal and had some seasoning to them so it wasn’t bland by any means.

Must be a mom/pop store because I saw an elderly lady in the back doing some marinating of the lamb ribs and such so it definitely had a genuine feel to the food as well. I recommend this place for a quick stop for lunch if you are nearby and it is fri/sat/sun (only days they are open). It is in the corner of the food fair area by itself and they ofter lamb rib dinners along with wraps and salads and desert pastries. My only regret is that now I’m having a huge craving for those lamb ribs again…


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  1. About the only place I get food from when I visit.

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