LeVilla: Charming Steakhouse

Cappuccino Creme BruleLeVilla

Joyce (my sister) was growing a year older today so we decided to go out and celebrate by having a nice family dinner at a recently talked about restaurant – “LeVilla”. Noted as a steakhouse in Westhills, we journeyed there to see what quite a few people recently have been raving about. The restaurant is fairly small but is able to fit many tables within their small area. Service was great though we had a table that was far too close to the entrance and cold winds blew in when people entered. Sadly we were told tables couldn’t be changed since the restaurant had been fully booked for the night. Indeed it was full, but the place was warm and cozy and quite charming. They even had a greenhouse setup on one side that had open glass windows and looking out into the cold Calgary night. Friendly and very attentive service thought despite entrance sitting.

We ordered a set menu which was $40 a person which was a 4 course meal with various combinations that included duck, lamb and rib eye.

LeVilla 4 Course Menu

Lobster Bisque

Appetizer: Lobster Bisque

Rich and very fragrant the lobster bisque is an easy favorite and the taste was excellent. There was a generous amount of it too, unlike some places where you are served literally a spoonful of soup. Went very well with the basket of warm bread that was served.

Scallops and Mushrooms in Cream/Cheese Sauce

Appetizer 2: Scallops and Mushrooms in Cream/Cheese Sauce

Oh wow was this ever tasty! Though you only got 2 scallops and some mushrooms, it was really well put together including some toast on the side. There was a healthy amount of cheese in the dish and it meshed well with the scallops and mushrooms but importantly, did not make it too salty. Excellent dish!


Cajun Style Rib eyeEntree: Cajun Style Rib eye

Well cooked to order (was recommend to be medium rare), the rib eye was delicious, though mother’s was slightly burnt on the edges but otherwise a very tasty piece of beef. The cajun seasoning and the sauce worked very well (warning: it has a kick to it) with it. The meat was tender and not overdone and came with a healthy portion of  mashed potatoes and greens. I think the Rib Eye was around an 8 oz as it was somewhat thin. Thankfully, with the previous appetizers and the mashed potatoes (very creamy but not buttery) I was not left still hungry. The portion size seems to have worked out (though I can always have more beef) and I was very impressed with the sauces.


Chocolate Mousse Cake

Desert: Cappuccino Creme Brule vs Chocolate Mousse Cake

So for some reason I ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cake and everyone else thought it was a better idea to get the Creme Brule. Boy did they miss out (though everyone else thought their creme brule was decent). The chocolate mousse cake was definitely a “WOW” factor. Very delicate and light, yet really smooth and with a deep chocolate taste. Paired with a sweet raspberry (I think) sauce and some chocolate shavings along with a cream pile, this mousse cake was very very good. I’m not one for sweets either typically but I have to say this was one of the better mousse cake’s I’ve ever had. It didn’t leave an after taste or made me feel too full either. It was good and highly recommend anyone to try it if they visit.

So what do I think? This place is great, and well worth the money that you spend here. While not a bank breaking place to eat, it isn’t cheap but the quality of the food certainly is worth it. Plating and the appearance of the food was great and looked like someone spent some effort in the plating process and everything tasted great. The staff was very friendly and attentive and always had a smile moving from one table to another. They use a half open kitchen grill so you can actually see some of the cooking in progress though there are a lot of people moving around that area so it is hard to just stand there and watch. I would love to come back to this place but makesure you make reservations!!! I’m not sure howmany places on a tuesday night are booked full especially with it being so cold out, but this was one of those places for sure.

Thanks LeVilla for a wonderful meal!


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