Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery: In need of enlightenment!

Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery and Cafe

(403) 452-8833

2525 Woodview Dr SW
Calgary, AB T2W

Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery

Well not much good to say about this place. It had a nice location near my house too so it was unfortunate that I was not so impressed. Staff were cheerful and friendly enough though. But as the title says, this Parisian-style bakery/cafe is in dire need of enlightenment. I’m not even sure if they have tasted their own food yet! I popped in for lunch (just missed the breakfast times) so perhaps their breakfast is much better (one would hope so) and had their Roast Beef sandwich.

My first impression was that the sandwhich was awfully small and looked unhappy and the salad looked awfully…bare. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving, not so in this case. The roast beef (as it says slow roasted and chilled) was way overdone (if it was even roasted there to begin with) and frozen! Much worse was that it was tastless. It would have been forgivable if it tasted like roast beef from Safeway (next door) which I would understand how it worked, but that roast beef was terrible. Some mayo and unidentifiable sauce was all that stood in the way of having my mouth cut by the really hard and dry baguette as well. I don’t think there is much detail needed here, but the sandwich was fairly poor and the bread was dry and hard (not crusty–hard). I couldn’t hear the crunching as i pressed the bread together, it was too hard.

Onto the side salad, well nothing doing here, just some greens that came out of a safeway plastic container and a light vinaigrette. But it could have used some condiments, maybe a tomato or two, some cheese or anything! Salad was subpar based on the fact that it had well nothing on it.

Well for $12 I definitely don’t feel happy, more like dissatisfied since it wasn’t average, it was way under par with expectations. The chefs there (3 of them in the back it seemed) need to taste their creations and come up with a revolutionary new taste. I am now afraid to try their entree’s (lamb shank mmmmm) since if a sandwich was done so terribly, what horrors could await? Well on the other hand, if it is a breakfast place maybe something else will be better? But the prices don’t warrant a second try at lunch for sure so maybe it will be just to satisfy your curiosity if you want to try this place.

Thumbs down today for Du Soleil.


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