Ajisai Japanese Cuisine : Standard Japanese Fare

Ajisai Japanese Cuisine


(403) 457-3802

750 1110 PanatellaBlvd. NW
Calgary, AB T3K


First off, clean place and friendly service. The sushi bar is in full view of the main dining area and the host/manager had a friendly smile throughout the night I noticed.

Ordered Tempura Udon along with two types of Aburio Rolls seen above. The rolls themselves were presented very nicely so kudos to that. The taste itself wasn’t bad either, nothing to write home about but definitely nothing bad to say about it. The fish was good, slightly above average, but I did notice that the rolls had more rice proportionally than other places (ie Globefish/Towa) and the rice itself seemed to be Chinese style rice (as opposed to Japanese style rice).

The udon and tempura, like all other things that nite had good appearances but fell short of being considered “excellent”. For the Udon, the noodles were good and the broth was nice but the proportion of noodles was definitely much less than I usually expected while the prices were your standard $9-11 depending what you choose to order as a side with your udon.

Overall, nothing really exciting, there just aren’t that many choices in the Panorama area so competition may be lacking a bit in that area. It is a nice choice to have in that area for those that live there though and the price is about average I would say. Variety is standard and taste standard for Calgary.

Would I go back? Yeah. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there unless I was in the area.


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