Bross Sushi Bar & Grill – Subpar and Overpriced

Bross Sushi Bar & Grill

(403) 238-3770

Calgary, AB T2W

Can you believe that this is all I got for $40? Here are two dinner set specials. Not even rice (extra dollar apparently). Totally not impressed. For $40 I’d expect a lot more, but essentially I got the same one chicken breast equivalent (but dark meat I think), 6 pieces of tempura and about 12 piece of sashimi on each box.

Definitely felt ripped off with the quantity of food presented to me.

Quality was average to slightly below average. The chicken had a charcoal taste (the taste when you don’t clean the grill properly or at all). The red snapper was bitter (freezer burn?), salmon was ok, tuna had huge fish smell/taste to it. Tempura was averaged sized and ok and had decent variety.

Overall? I would not go back. Not worth my money unless something drastic occurs. I’d rather drive further to get better quality and more sushi.


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