Escoba a lively taste

Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar
624 8 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1G4

A delightful place with a lively atmosphere. Great place to go with friends since they have a whole bunch of apps to try out. I went there with some friends and tried the big taste menu.


At the time of writing this it’s already been more than a week since I went so I couldn’t remember the exact details of this app combo. One was a spring roll, one was friend shrimp with a delightful sauce with a little spiciness and I couldn’t remember what was in the middle. Presentation was nice and the taste was very good.


Tuna carpaccio, was very refreshing and the sauce was well done. The chips that came with it were good way to eat the diced raw fish. Not too sour so that the tuna taste was drowned out.


Alberta baseball cut strip loin. Ordered it rare and it came out pretty good. Good taste and flavor and the sauce was good. However I must say that the sauce was really heavy, for some people they want the intensity and the extra flavor but I found it a bit overpowering personally. I had to use less sauce than normal.


Girlfriend had he lamb and bison. The bison was braised and juicy but one friend commented it felt like eating braised beef stew. Not a bad thing really but gives you perspective on the taste and texture. Lamb was standard slices from the loin, satisfying and tasteful. Again there were comments that the accompanying sauces were too overpowering at times.


Ended the night with chocolate amaretto cheesecake. Definitely the best part of the meal and a great way to finish off. Soft smooth and rich are the words I use to describe this delightful thing.

So would I go back? For sure! Great place to go after work or just for an evening out for eats. Not a quiet place so keep that in mind because this place is pretty lively and fun for the taste buds.


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