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Ryan Stone Signs with Calgary Flames, Nabokov signs with SKA St. Petersburg, Probert’s Funeral

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Ryan Stone
Nothing too exciting this time around, Calgary Flames announced the signing of former Brandon Wheat King Ryan Stone. Stone who has played 8 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins and 27 games with the Edmonton Oilers was injured for most of last year. He is described as a energy/physical winger that can play the game well enough and can fill in an injury role easily. He is signed for one year at 500k, but there are rumours that he isn’t 100% yet. This I guess we’ll have to see as training camp comes around. Not a bad depth signing by the Flames, but not something groundbreaking.

Evgeni Nabokov
Nabby has reportedly signed a 4 year contract with SKA St. Petersburg for 6 million a year in the KHL. Kudos to Nabby, because there is no way he was making that money here in the NHL as the market is flush with goalie free agents. Still considered a top tier goalie, Nabokov was basically let go in order to make room for the Sharks to sign Patrick Marleau, I can’t really condemn the guy. He was basically the fall guy for the Sharks playoffs each year because despite the team failing around him, Nabby had strong performances in the last 3 years in my opinion. But this is hopefully a good move for him because he goes back to his home country and he gets big bucks. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bob Probert
RIP Probert, one of the greatest tough guys ever in the NHL, collapsed the other day and was pronounced dead in the hospital hours later. 935 games played with 3300 penalty minutes AND could play hockey (scored 62 points one season including 29 goals). Splitting his time between Detroit and Chicago, the legendary enforcer will be missed by the game. Check out his highlights on youtube. Probert was only 45 when he passed away.

Aside from that, a bunch of resigning in the NHL today, but otherwise the Oiler fans are extremely happy with prospect camp opening and seeing the trio of MPS, Eberle and Hall. Kinda wish we had some top flight prospects in the Flames system sometime.



Apology for no Update :( But Flames Update: Joker and Tangs back…REALLY?

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Sorry fans, I’ve been so caught up with World Cup and watching the free agent frenzy I totally forgot to put up a post.

So here is my tidbit.

Tangs and Joker back!

Alex Tanguay, Olli Jokinen, Raitis Ivanans and Tim Jackman signed to Calgary.

– I’ve always liked the guy, and I was sad to see him go. Lots of people are bashing him down for his ONE (read it again, ONE) horrid year with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The season before, he had 41 points in 50 games with the Montreal Canadiens which is a good pace (unless u expected him to always be a PPG player).
– I think here in Calgary, he will get back up there in points given how offensively starved the team is and as long as we play himon the PP and not the PK, should prove to be as highly effective as before. At 1.7million cap hit, you can’t go wrong with that. I hope Tangs stays longer though.

– Most people know that I’m not a fan of this guy. I think he is grossly overrated as a top line center. The issue I have with him is that he has all the tools but not the vision or anticipation to see or make plays happen. He has this ability to go into a tunnel vision mode when he has the puck (not to mention his horrid shooting accuracy). I was really not happy with the signing before, but now that I look at it as his $3million cap hit and as a replacement for Langkow who might be still injured, I don’t think it is quite as bad. Certainly 50 points at 3 million will be more than decent if he hits that low again.

Ivanans and Jackman
– Meh don’t really care here. Two bruisers to replace Prust and McGrattan. Jackman by accounts, can skate a regular shift and provides lots of energy. Tho thankfully we didn’t sign Derek Boogard to 1.6million.

Other things are brewing still, I’m assuming Sutter isn’t done here yet so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more moves happen soon. The Reghre trade rumours for Spezza just won’t die though.

NHL Roundup of Events as of Late

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I probably missed a few but here is a few things as of late for player movement.

Montreal trades Halak to St. Louis for Lars Eller and Ian Shultz.
St. Louis trades Julian Talbot to Avalanche for T.J Hensick.
Adrian Aucoin resigns with the Coyotes. $2million cap hit for 2 years.
John McLean is the new NJ Devils coach.
Kyle Chipchura resigns with the Ducks. 1 year approx 600-700k range.
Francis Boullion resigns with the Predators. $1.35million per year for 2 years.
Todd Bertuzzi resigns with Red Wings. 2 years at $1.9m ish.
James Sheppard resigns with the Wild for 1 year for $800k.
Doug Weight supposedly resigning with Islanders.
Aaron Rome resigns 2 year deal with Canucks.

Lidstrom Signs 1 Year Deal with Red Wings $6million

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Nicklas Lidstrom - Courtesy of TSN

Nicklas Lidstrom has signed a 1 year deal with the Red Wings for just over 6 million (6.3 supposedly) that will see the 40 year old play another season in Hockeytown USA. Great news for Red Wings fans as the Hall of Famer will comeback for another season and we can all enjoy Lidstrom’s skills for yet another year.

Personally not as a much of a paycut as I would have hoped, given that he is 40 years old. But its better than not having him. Lidstrom recorded 49 points this year after a really slow start, so hopefully there is enough left in the tank for him as this may very well be his farewell season.

Flyers to Stanley Cup Finals!

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Its been about 13 years since the Flyers last made it to the Finals, where in the former trip, they fell to the Detroit Red Wings in 4 games. The 7th seeded Flyers had to win their last game in a shootout just to make the playoffs where subsequently they downed the New Jersey Devils loaded with Brodeur and star sniper Kovalchuk. Then they mounted a comeback against the Bruins when down 0-3 in the series, making it the 3rd team to ever have that happen. They then ended the Cinderella story of the Montreal Canadiens whom had the Halak finally solved when both the Penguins and offensive juggernaught Capitals could not.

Now they face the Blackhawks, a young fast team loaded with firepower and depth that is very similiar to their own team style. Its looking like an exciting matchup as both Carter and Gagne are back in full force and may the best team win!

Yzerman to Tampa Bay

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You can stop holding your breath Calgary fans, Yzerman isn’t coming here. He is going over to the nice sandy beaches of Florida where he brings hockey credibility and his brain and charisma to a franchise that also sorely needs stability in its management group.

TSN reports that Tampa Bay will hold a press conference today at 1pm Calgary time to announce the signing of their new GM.

For those of you that don’t know, Yzerman recently put together the team that took the Gold in mens olympic hockey in Vancouver. He also played in Detroit for 22 years, playing for the Winged Wheel and leading them to 3 Stanley Cups. A consummate leader whom originally started our as a lone wolf star player, Yzerman matured into one of the greatest character and leader in NHL history while in Detroit.

Hawks goto the Stanley Cup Finals

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So for the first time in 18 years, the Blackhawks will goto the Stanley Cup Finals to fight for the ultimate hockey prize.

It also means that the Sharks have fallen short of expectations…again. At least they did much better this time around, getting to the conference finals which they haven’t had much luck getting to in the past few years. Credit should be given to the Hawks as well, their team is literally stacked with firepower in all positions with youth and speed to spare. But seriously, where has Dany Heatley and Thornton been the entire playoffs?

Heatley with 2 goals and a -6, Thornton with 12 points (not bad) but with a -9? The entire top line was a combined -18 believe it or not, so you can definitely look at that top line for criticism.

Hawks on the other hand…wow, every player has been firing on all cylinders in the playoffs.

Toews with 25 points, Kane with 19 points and Dustin Byfuglien with 3 game winners! Both Keith and Seabrook played amazing as well in shutting down the Sharks top line.

Hawks deserve to be in the finals and their fans are being rewarded for their loyalty. The team is exciting to watch and is determined to win! I will be cheering for them the remainder of the playoffs as well. Toews will be the next Captain Canada 😀

Go Hawks!