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Chop Steakhouse: Misses the Cut Slightly

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Chop Steakhouse and Bar
Chinook Centre
6605 Macleod Trl SW
Calgary, AB T2H 0K9

(403) 250-2043

First off, there I want to make sure people understand that Chop is by no means a bad place to eat, the only issue I had of course was that the food quality was not as good as the rest of the experience. 
So to start, the environment and decor = excellent. Its a very nice place to be at and it is a comfortable and upscale atmosphere that is still casual so you don’t have to worry about dress code. 
Secondly, the service is excellent, hats off to the waitress Tiffany (or I think thats her name) for excellent service, being very attentive and always smiling. It always makes the experience better when the staff there seem to be enjoying things at the very least.
So coming down to the food, we ordered the beef carpaccio as an appetizer, a filent mignon and a prime rib to share. We ended the experience with the raspberry creme brule.
The Carpaccio was very good, looked very elegant and very enjoyable.
Beef Carpaccio
The Filet Mignon…was ok. It looked good and the sides that came with it were good but the meat itself just wasn’t the juicy, ultra tender melting taste that I have had before. The taste was there, but it just wasn’t juicy.
Filent Mignon
The prime rib was also ok. It tasted alright but like the filet, just was not juicy. I mean it was decent but the tendons were really tough on the sides (or my knife was too dull), and when I bit into the meat, it didn’t flood or overwhelm my senses with flavour. So in short it tasted fine.
Prime Rib
Dessert was a raspberry creme brule, nice and sweet and was satisfying. Nothing mind blowing here either.
Raspberry Creme Brule
So what does it bring it down to? Well it was fine but I expected a whole lot more for a place that had such excellent service and nice environment. It was a nice place to try out for sure and I’d probably give it another try sometime, but as it stands, there just are better places out there.

Vancouver: Lao Shangdong Noodles

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Average place. Average soup and beef but the noodles were really good. Cheap and large portions.



Adventures at Stampede! (Belated)

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 Nothing too fancy, visited the Butcher Boys, had a bucket O chicken, Japan-dog and Wiscounsin cheese mozza sticks!!!



Mezza Mediterranean Grill – Simply Amazing

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Mezza Mediterranean Grill
213-6th ave se
Calgary, ab

They sell only 4 things on menu but boy are they pros at what they sell. Beef, chicken, beef + chicken and salad. All I have to say is that the chicken shwarma is absolutely amazing. Large portions of meat and toppings, friendly service and quick! The chicken is so moist and tasty and seasoned excellently that I have nothing else to say outside if saying it is the best I’ve tasted in Calgary!

If you are on the east side of downtown u need to check this place out.