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Escoba a lively taste

Posted in Food and Drink with tags , , , on March 17, 2012 by fongterence

Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar
624 8 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1G4

A delightful place with a lively atmosphere. Great place to go with friends since they have a whole bunch of apps to try out. I went there with some friends and tried the big taste menu.


At the time of writing this it’s already been more than a week since I went so I couldn’t remember the exact details of this app combo. One was a spring roll, one was friend shrimp with a delightful sauce with a little spiciness and I couldn’t remember what was in the middle. Presentation was nice and the taste was very good.


Tuna carpaccio, was very refreshing and the sauce was well done. The chips that came with it were good way to eat the diced raw fish. Not too sour so that the tuna taste was drowned out.


Alberta baseball cut strip loin. Ordered it rare and it came out pretty good. Good taste and flavor and the sauce was good. However I must say that the sauce was really heavy, for some people they want the intensity and the extra flavor but I found it a bit overpowering personally. I had to use less sauce than normal.


Girlfriend had he lamb and bison. The bison was braised and juicy but one friend commented it felt like eating braised beef stew. Not a bad thing really but gives you perspective on the taste and texture. Lamb was standard slices from the loin, satisfying and tasteful. Again there were comments that the accompanying sauces were too overpowering at times.


Ended the night with chocolate amaretto cheesecake. Definitely the best part of the meal and a great way to finish off. Soft smooth and rich are the words I use to describe this delightful thing.

So would I go back? For sure! Great place to go after work or just for an evening out for eats. Not a quiet place so keep that in mind because this place is pretty lively and fun for the taste buds.


Tango Bistro – A Great Way to Try Everything!

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Tango Bistro

Tango Bistro, Calgary Alberta | Reservations: By Phone: 403-252-4365

Saturday evening we had the pleasure to try out a fairly new addition to Calgary’s culinary cuisine, the Tango Bistro. What we got was not only a great experience, but at a relatively low cost as well!

The service was great, very attentive (despite our party of 6 being late to order) and cheerful and she was ready with a list of recommendations as well her personal favourites, so for someone that was experiencing this all for the first time, was a helpful way to decide what things to order. Tango Bistro specializes in Tapas (or small plates) of dishes that can be shared along with side dishes to act as “fillers”.

Wild Boar Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Skewers – $9

– Delicious, even if you’re not heavy into the meats. The wild boar was seared to close to perfection, and the bacon wrapped around it was nice and crispy (just the way it should be). 2 pieces of meat per skewer so we had to order an additional skewer so that each person had a chunk of meat. Tasty and full of flavour, not the least bit overcooked and the savoury juices just flowed out when biting into the well cooked meat.

Pulled Pork Sliders – $8.50

– I’m not huge into the pork thing but it was good. The bread (I think cibatta due to its chewiness) meshed very well with the pulled pork which had a nice moist taste to it. The coleslaw was a nice touch as well, given the dish a refreshing feel and a welcome addition to those that didn’t want all meat for their meal.

Steak Sandwhich Flatbread – $10

– A nice warm flatbread served with a sweet onion peppercorn sauce with melted cheese on top. Very nice, but a bit spicy so for people that aren’t into spicy stuff, watch out for this one. The steak was very well done, a bit thin which worked out as a sharing portion but wasn’t overcooked (as thin steaks easily can be done) and the glaze type sauce worked very well. Definitely a surprising taste as I wasn’t expecting it to be so sweet, but it was rich in flavour.

Bistro Mussels – $9

A fairly large bowl of mussels in a garlic, butter, tomato sauce with some spices. The mussels were a bit small, but there was quite a few, possibly as much as 15-18 pieces. The sauce was very very very good. We ended up using the sauce on our filler food like fries, potatoes and flatbread. Mussels were good, no sand, no fishy smells and each of the mussels were cooked open so that we didn’t have any problems getting them open to get at. The small tomato pieces are a very nice touch in the sauce.

Barely Seared BC Albacore Tuna – $9.50

– It seriously was barely seared. It was like eating sashimi really with a spicy aioli. The sides were seared so you could get the slightly crusty texture from the sides. The tuna tasted fresh, I couldn’t detect any frozen taste to it which is good (generally that ruins my tuna experiences) and the garnish complemented the dish quite nicely.

Pomme Frites (aka french fries) – $3.50

– A large batch of fries which was sprayed with lemon and parsley garnished with a garlic dip. Quite good as a filler, you get a an equivalent to medium/large mcdonalds sized fries. Not too oily and I kept dipping it into the mussel sauce.

Sweet Potato Fries – $4.50

– If there was anything to really complain about, this was it. As yam fries they wouldn’t have been bad but around 50% of the fries were burnt to the point where you could taste the burn and too little of the yam or sweet potatoe. Came with a chipotle sauce that goes well with flatbread as well. Probably would’ve been better had it not been burnt.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes – $4.50

– With sea salt and Rosemary, the potatoes made excellent and delicious fillers. Definitely good side dish to have so that u can fill up. Large portion too.

Warm Olive Oil Flatbread $2.50

– Again good filler, quite a few pieces that we ended up dipping in all the other sauces (mussels, chipotle etc…) Wasn’t dry, which was the important thing.

Capicolla Wrapped Asparagus $5.00

– With pine nut butter. Sooooooo good. The asparagus was fresh and the butter melting into the wraps was a heavenly buttery flavour. Only comes with 3 “wraps” of 3 asparagus each. Very good and full of flavour. The capicolla adds a nice salty counter and texture to the butter.

Ending the dinner we had different types of deserts priced at $2.50 each for shot glasses of brownies or cake mixtures. I had a rocky road chocolate brownie thing. Very tasty and the size of it was very good after a full meal. A very nice way to top the dinner off. I will have to try the truffles next time.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I like this place alot. It is also not really pricey when u go in a group of 5 or more which allows you to try a multitude of dishes and tastes. Before tips we were basically at $15 per person and the quality of the food was very high. Definitely a place for me to go back again, the service was top notch and friendly and she seemed to enjoy telling us about the food as much as we liked tasting it, which is always a good sign.

For sure a thumbs up here for Tango Bistro!